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Kea has been blessed with a number of beautiful beaches, almost all of them in sheltered coves though not all of them accessible by car or public transport

Otzias Beach

The seashore at Otzias is in a sheltered almost spherical bay bordered with trees and extends about seven hundred meters, most of it sandy. In my opinion it is one of the best seashores in Greece for families with small teenagers because it is shallow for the most section and the eastern give up is sheltered from the north wind. In one part there is a shelf of rock that is exciting if you snorkel. There is a small settlement on the east aspect of the bay and a couple of excellent tavernas. On the west facet of the bay there are a few trees, and a couple benches below a small church, and humans who want to get away from the crowds come here, mainly locals but often, you may additionally have the place to your self even when the east side of the seaside is full. During the high season there are wind-surfers and paddle boats can be rented too. The bay itself used to be a port in classical times and the ruins of some harbor services can still be seen. A mile or so beyond are the actual mines in the vicinity called Tripospilies and a few kilometers similarly is the monastery of Kastriani. The small restaurant called Taverna Otzias is a very first-class fish restaurant and has a great resolution of vegetable dishes and meat. Anna's Restaurant is just up the hill and has been very famous with the locals for years.

The lanes and paths around Otzias are first-rate for exploring and there are several small church buildings to visit if you get bored with sitting on the beach. The proprietors of the Taverna Otzias have beach beds and umbrellas and serve drinks from the restaurant. There are rooms to hire here and the mixture of the good food, outstanding beaches and the truth that you can walk to the port of Voukari if you have to, make this one of the quality place to remain on the island if you prefer being by using the sea to being in the main village. One of the fantastic walks starts at the Lion backyard Ioulida and ends up in Otzias. Anemousa Apartments offers self-catering lodging with free Wi-Fi and a swimming pool with bar and free sunbeds amidst its lush gardens. Just across the avenue Holiday Rooms offers self-catered lodging with free Wi-fi but no pool. Not that you want a pool. Otzias is a beautiful beach. The closest motel to the beach is Cavo Perlevos Apartments, additionally a nice area to stay, which is actually simply across the small seaside road from the sea. If you are a household with young teenagers and are happy with an region that is not truly a town with retail outlets and you can get by on two tavernas (both good), and a periptero (kiosk to purchase cigarettes, water, soda and stuff) then you will be very happy spending your excursion here with or barring a car. But with a car you will be in a position to visit the different beaches and come lower back to your own.


Gialiskari is the most popular seashore on Kea, particularly with the inhabitants of Ioullis and the weekenders who come from Athens. Though the seashore is small they pack in here on weekends and in August and the cafe bar is as shut as Kea gets to having a 'beach scene' like the famous islands of the Cyclades. The cafe, which used to be a little hole-in-the-wall snack bar has developed into a fully stocked seashore bar with a very nice menu of salads and pastas. They additionally serve fruit juices that are like smoothies and of course they have wonderful coffee. For hanging out and people-watching this is your quality bet and it is solely a 15 minute walk in both direction to the taverna at the sailboat harbor of Voukari or in the important port of Korrissia. There is a small forest right here with plenty of coloration and for snorkelers it is a safe location to explore the coast. The seaside is in a cove within the massive bay of Korissia and so unless the climate is extreme the sea is calm. Plenty of children around and the young adults make this their prime summer time hangout so sometimes the tune in the cafe can get on your nerves if you are a child of the sixties like me. But simply when you think you cannot stand it they surprise you with an historical favorite and your trust in the future of humanity is restored. Like most beach bars it can get form of loud but after awhile you do not even hear it anymore. Anyway if you go to the far cease of the beach you can barely hear it and if you are there on a day when there are few human beings they may even take requests. The Red Tractor Guest House and the Hotel Porto Kea are each within handy walking distance of Gialiskari.


The form and size of Kea's harbor are accountable for the beach in Korissia or Livadi, being one of the exceptional places to swim on the northern aspect of the island. It is a long sandy seashore that begins in the city and ends at a small white church on a hill that overlooks the bay. At one end is the Hotel Karthea which is proper in the port, an apartment fashion hotel that appears out of place amongst all the smaller houses and buildings. At the different end of the seashore are the Red Tractor Guest House and the Hotel Porto Kea, the former up a small road from the seaside and the latter right on the beach. There is a small cafe-bar referred to as Ammos that has beach chairs, solar beds and umbrellas, yours for the day for the cost of a espresso or a beer which you get to drink too. They have a dive center at the bar for humans to go scuba or snorkeling, and right subsequent door is a small gym with an exercising room with all sorts of equipment. If you are in Kea barring a car and you favor to swim every day then staying in Korissia is a accurate choice. Of all the beaches on the island it is a notch under some of the others, but if you do not go to the others then you will probably suppose this is a wonderful beach. Plus the comfort of being close to all the shops, tavernas, cafes and the nightlife provides points to the seashore at Korissia. The photo I used at the pinnacle of this page is from this beach. Also there are flat rocks alongside the coast just previous the church where many humans swim and sunbathe and it is a good region for snorkeling too.


The beach at Pisses, in spite of the name is very easy and is considered the nice by many people, along with my friends at Lonely Planet however that is only if you have no longer gone to any of the seashores on the east side of the island. Located about eleven kilometers from Ioulis the trip there is motive enough to go due to the fact you pass thru some of the most beautiful topography in the Cyclades. The seaside itself is in a valley of fruit trees, cypress trees and plants as well as farms. There are rooms to lease here and Pisses is additionally the location of Camping Kea run via the enterprising Nick Politis who has created a paradise for backpackers where they can pitch their tents beneath trees and have use of the websites many facilties including a laundry, cafe, bar, showers and foodstore (Tel. 22880-31302).

Pisses used to be also the area of Ancient Poiessa and the ruins of the ancient metropolis sit on pinnacle of a mountain that is the southern boundary of the valley. On the acropolis of ancient Poiessa is the temple to Apollo and the church of the Panagia Sotira which has many fragments of historic marble sculpture within its walls. When the Meltemi blows the sea can be tough but when it is calm it is easy and excellent for snorkeling and is full of adolescents in the summer. Probably the best region for a late-afternoon or early-evening swim because of it is location going through the setting sun. We generally ate at the taverna of the Akroyiali, owned by a girl named Panayota who used to live in New Jersey and used to be a great cook. It closed and the new proprietors are Italian and the food is good. The different taverna is still going robust and has good meals too. If you are looking for a return to the sixties and seventies when human beings stayed in areas like this because there have been no apartment-style hotels unfold along the seashores as there are now on the popular islands, then Pisses is the vicinity to stay. You can take long walks in the valley, or even stroll to the Psistaria (grill house) up the road, for your entertainment and exercise. Besides the Camping Kea there is additionally Yiannis Rooms which are about a 10 minute walk to the sea.


Koundouros is an location of many small sandy beaches which comply with the coast beyond Pisses. During the weekends many yachts from the mainland come here. This is additionally the location of Kea Beach, an eighty room resort constructed in the sixties that was famous with Italian tourists however unknown to just about absolutely everyone else. The hotel had a bar, restaurant, disco and a swimming pool. Rumor has it that the unique hotel used to be built throughout the junta and the owner left with the cash and the building solely half completed. To keep the project they constructed bungalows around the unique incomplete hotel, some of which looked like windmills, and at one time when there was once a flying dolphin from Pireaus, it actually stopped here. Now it is closed after having been encased in stone. It is a big monument to greed and avarice and worth a visit.

There are many million greenback mansions surrounding the beaches of Koundoros, with swimming swimming pools and terraced landscaped properties with incredible views of the various development sites which have grown quiet in the course of the crisis. But there are some really first-class beaches in the region and some of the clearest blue water I have seen. There is a cafe-bar/restaurant at the first beach too which is so packed in the summer time it is difficult to power past the automobiles lining the side of the road, to attain the better, less famous beaches which are in addition down the road. But you have a nice choice. You can go for the sun-bedded-beach-cafe-umbrella kind beach or hold driving the place each successive cove has fewer and fewer people. Swimming off the rocks close to the original visitor settlement, which have now been sold to non-public owners is quality too. There are a number of houses, villas and lodges that you can find on's Koundouros Page.


Further alongside the coast from Koundouros are the beaches of Kambi with its acorn timber and the Vathirrema Gorge which ends up at the beautiful far flung beach of Liparo. Kampi is a small cove with a few homes clustered around it and a bunch of million-dollar villas rising up from the different side the place their inhabitants find it less complicated to take a helicopter into Athens than they do driving to Hora. There is a rocky shelf that is excellent for snorkeling and the rest of the seaside is sandy and there are some shade bushes and umbrellas too. Just above the beach, up some steps is the Kampi Taverna which has lots of salads, appetisers and some oven dishes, and the restaurant has a satisfactory breeze, a nice view of the sea and is run via a very nice household serving some of the most authentic meals on Kea. Most people do not come this far and you will probable pass thru a gauntlet of parked cars at the seaside in Koundouros where human beings can lay on beach beds and order drinks. But with every successive cove there are less human beings and on Kampi even on a Sunday there should no longer be more than a dozen or so unfold out.

Karthea and Mikres Poles

The time out to the beach at Mikres Poles and Ancient Karthea is now not for the faint hearted. But I am not the most enthusiastic hiker on the planet and I did it so you can too. The trip begins simply beyond the village of Agios Nikolaos the place you park your car and commence the walk thru the ravine that eventually leads you to a small white church and two exquisite beaches. In between are the ruins of the ancient city. But getting there is one thing. Getting again is another due to the fact as an student of physics is aware of what goes down must go up and the stroll down which takes an hour and a half is a breeze in contrast to the journey back. The sea can be surprisingly rough all through the periods when there are northeast winds, so pick your day carefully. Any islander can tell you when any seashore will have calm seas. In the ruins of ancient Karthea are the stays of a temple to Athena and another temple that was once dedicated to Apollo. You can nonetheless see the fortified walls and the historical gates. There are the ruins of an ancient theater of which 20rows of seats have been exposed.

The 2d beach you come to is known as Megales Poles and it is from here that the historical road to Ioulis, fragments of which nonetheless exist, began. I have snorkeled here and it nearly seems like the enormous stones that lay just under the surface are components of docks or submerged buildings from the historic city. For all I know they might also be. If you don't favor to walk to Karthea and lower back you can also contact Nicholas Demenegas who has a donkey carrier for those who sense they can't make it on their very own two feet. You can call him about journeys to Karthea or anywhere round the island at 697 646 9413. You can also power to a series of seashores in the area referred to as Kaliskia and from there walk over the hill to Karthea. But likely when you see the path that goes down the hill you will alternate your mind and flip around and go returned to one of the small beaches you surpassed on the way which are beautiful and magnificent for snorkeling. But unless you got here with a jeep you probably might not make it back. One section is very steep, now not even a road really.


The seaside at Orkos has no tavernas and because of the size of the terrifying road you have to tour on to reach it, is typically empty of people. But if you have a jeep, a motorbike that is already crushed up, a rental car, or cash for a round-trip taxi ride, the beach is properly worth the visit, mainly if you are looking for that ideal secluded and romantic beach that many human beings have in mind when they come to Greece. Of direction there is a small possibility that when you get there you will discover other like-minded humans there, but possibilities are that unless it is the weekend or August you ought to have the place to your self for a good component of the day unless I am there, which I frequently am. Make sure you carry a couple bottles of water and something to eat.

If you have a masks and snorkle and flippers be sure to convey them with you because these are the clear blue waters you have been dreaming about when you started out planning your trip to Greece. There are additionally straw umbrellas on the beach and countless trees so you can get out of the solar and even a large concrete picnic table. There are a few homes that have been built as summer time residences on the beach itself and alongside the way. Two people on a small bike (papaki) can actually make down right here though diagram on using your brakes a lot. The hassle is that only one of you might also be able to make it lower back because positive spots are pretty steep so fine plan on one papaki per character or a car. Actually I am overstating the degree of issue of coming here due to the fact the road is now paved all the way. There is a flip off on the road to any other remote seaside called Psathi, at the backside of a long valley on a avenue that will easily rip the backside out of your car or leap you from your papaki along the way. But the seaside is the closest thing there is to a nudist beach, solely because it is not likely that anybody else will come there and if they do you will hear them coming.


There are many greater beaches on the island, some of which can solely be reached by footpath, via jeep or by boat however so many of the roads have now been paved that beaches which have been known solely to the locals are being visited on weekends by the Athenians. Spathi now has a cafe-bar-restaurant that serves suitable food and espresso and there are beach beds and umbrellas too. Go on the weekdays and possibilities are good you can spend most of the day alone. The street there is a little harrowing but as soon as you get there it is worth it. The cafe has a bathe (made from a watering can) and even a lawn. A few years ago humans were freaking out that there have been even beach chairs right here but the clamor has died down somewhat. Amazingly clear water, splendid for snorkeling along the rocks. It is at the backside of a long fertile valley which is satisfactory for walking. There are several bee-keepers in the region making the honey that Kea is famous for.

Sikaminia reminds me of Spathi, at least I used to always combine up the two and when I went to one it turns out that it was now not the beach I idea I was going to. It has no cafe-bar (yet) however it does have a small forest for coloration and some wooden cable spools that make a respectable table for a picnic. The seashore at Xyla is a large double bay that you get to on a avenue that goes out the back of Korissia which you will probable never find. But if you meet anyone nice who lives on the island they can also take you. If you find the avenue that goes southeast from Milopotamos and take it to the dirt avenue that continues you can go to two beautiful far flung beaches on both side of a small settlement, known as Kalogiros and Vroskopos. There is also a direction that leads from the Kastriani Monastery to a small beach below. But like Karthea it is pretty a hike back up the mountain and there are a lot of seashores you can visit earlier than you need to come here. There are a couple very small sheltered seashores that you can reach through footpath off the roads to both Spathi and Orkos. Finding the route is the tricky section so don't come in flip-flops. Wear respectable walking footwear or go to a beach you can pressure to.


When the wind is blowing your best guess is Gialiaskari or Korissia since they are in the bay, however depending upon which way it blows you can usually find calm water someplace on the island except on these ultra-rare occasions when the wind is blowing from all instructions at once. Usually Pisses and at least one of the beaches at Koundouros will no longer have waves, and the eastern quit of Otzias is sheltered from the high seas too.

If you have come on a boat take a day or so to discover the coast and you can get to many beaches that no one on land can reach and you are positive to have all the privacy you desire (except on weekends in August when you may now not find a parking house in the bay.) Kea Divers also organizes scuba and snorkeling journeys around the island.


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