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Kea island, which is also known as Tzia, sits in the Aegean sea, south of Attica and belongs to the Cyclades group of Greek islands.


Visit the famous evidencing prehistoric human life in the Neolithic agreement of Kefalá (3,300-3,200 BC) and in the early Cycladic settlement of Agia Irene. The monastery of Panagia Kastriani (18th century) to the northeast is constructed on precipitous rocks, and offers an imposing panoramic view.

Kea is one of the most visited islands for the aficionados of sailing, due to its proximity to the Attica land. The place between Cape Sounio, Kea and Makronissos (means “Long Island” in Greek) is named Cavo Doro (Kafireas during the historic times). Due to different steams and winds blowing from a number of directions it is viewed to be one of the most difficult passages in the Mediterranean Sea. Actually, the which means of Cavo Doro is not “Cape Gold” however a paraphrase of Cavo Duro, which mean Hard Cape.

In the vicinity of Cavo Doro there are also many greater or less historical shipwrecks. It is believed that the Greek ships were wrecked right here on the way back from Troy. As science has advanced, the passage is now safer and became a mission for people who experience sailing; in a way, passing by Cavo Doro is viewed to be an extra badge of talent for sailors.

In Kea’s waters lies the wreck of the Britannic, sister ship to the Titanic, a favored destination for diving enthusiasts.


In July, the Tale Festival is held: fabulists from all over the world come right here to enchant children and grown-ups with their stories. Cultural occasions including theatrical shows, concert events and sports occasions are the attraction between August 1-19 in Ioulis.


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